Ferry Hötzel

Product Leader
Angel Investor

Enterprise | Retail | Ecommerce | Tax, Compliance and Internationalization Expert

About Me

I’m a Product Leader with 8+ years experience in shipping products in SaaS companies.

I have a comprehensive understanding of key SaaS metrics including MRR, Churn, LTV, and ARPU. My experience includes working closely as Trifecta in collaboration with UX, Engineering and Product Marketing teams on product discovery, iteration, and go-to-market strategies, while coordinating global teams of product managers, designers, and engineers

Work Experience

Lead Product Manager @ Miro

Sep '23 - Present

I joined Miro because I was deeply inspired by its mission to empower teams through visual collaboration. The allure of the Enterprise team, in particular, was too strong to resist. They tackle some of the most challenging problems, working with large organizations to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

Senior Product Manager @ Shopify

Dec '17 - Jul '23

I joined Shopify as a Product Manager in Canada, became Shopify’s first Country PM at Shopify and led product localization in Germany, as a Senior PM helped Shopify's in-person POS and integrated payment terminal ship to 12 countries within 24 months

Director of Product Management @ Eichenglobal

Jan ’17 - Oct ’17

  • Digitization of business processes in the field of Real Estate

  • Re-launch of the company website with integrated Real Estate portfolio management system

CPO and Product & Enterprise Development @ Inventorum

Dec ’12 - Dec ‘16

  • Led product, design and development teams in the creation of next generation Point of Sale (POS) Systems

  • First employee, helped grow the company from 2 employees to over 40, helped grow customer base up 4000 across German speaking region

Founder & CEO @ Paydroid

Dec ’12 - Dec ‘16

  • In 2010 I founded my own company, Paydroid.

  • The idea behind Paydroid was to break down the complexity of an ERP/POS system to suit the needs of a small retailer, and to make the system usable on an iPad. We also developed internationally-distributed Apple accessories such as docks and stands for the iPad and iPhone.


I’ve worked on numerous products in E-commerce, Retail, Point of Sale, Billing, Compliance, and Internationalization. Here are three example projects:

Expanding Shopify POS software and integrated payment solution from US and Canada to 12 countries across EMEA and APAC by building and marketing a localized product/merchant experience.

Essential missing functionalities and legal policies were added, such as the right to cancel and the withdrawal form, to various areas of the online store channel, while ensuring compliance with all relevant legal requirements and guidelines and enhancing the customer experience.

Led project team that planned, executed, shipped and marketed the first annual billing option for merchants that choose to opt-in for a paid retail plan. The goal was to match the online store experience.